It pains me to tell you about my laptop bag…

Please ignore all of the additional things I’ve stuffed into my laptop bag: coupons, an eyeglass case, notebooks and pens. They are but passengers along for the ride. The real trouble is with the actual laptop itself. It’s super heavy. At least, it is for me.

A few weeks ago, a gal in my office told me, “That looks painful. You’re too tiny to lug that around.”

It is the standard issue of laptop + bag combo from our company, so I am not sure why it looked different to her… on me.

But… I guess she was right, because my sciatic nerve (left side) has been screaming at me for the past week. It’s so painful, it’s made me totally forget about the pain on the right side of my body that I’ve had for two years. LOL. Or, maybe it’s just transferred from one side to the other.

Since I can only load myself up with so much Ibuprofen, another woman in my office kindly loaned me her heating pad (which she keeps in her desk drawer) and showed me some stretches to do to relieve the pain — based on her own physical therapy sessions for the same issue, which she apparently has to deal with a lot.

I thank my lucky stars that this is not an issue I have to deal with a lot.

Nevertheless, I am dealing with it now… although, the pain that was mainly in my lower back a few days ago has cleverly shifted down near my knee. So much fun!

“I see you’re still rocking your platform heels, though,” said a woman in the school office when I picked up my daughter yesterday.

Well, a girl doesn’t want to look lame, just because she is lame.


This morning, when I got on the elevator, my pal Trish held the door for me. We walked together down the corridor toward our work area and I bonked into the wall with my computer bag not once, but twice. That is just not normal. Good thing the bag has all that heavy padding inside it so the actual laptop doesn’t get damaged.

Oh, and this is slightly embarrassing — almost forgot about it. A few months ago I was heading home and had successfully lugged my bag all the way from the office to the parking garage. I was doing great up until the point when I fell down the stairs as I came around a corner.

But… no worries! My computer bag saved me. Yep. It is so big and so cushy that it swung around and landed on the concrete floor in front of me and padded my landing. I wasn’t scathed at all. Other than my dignity.

ANYWAY… I managed to make it through more than a year of lugging this computer around without any real injury, so I guess I’m doing fairly well. Nonetheless, my number-one item at the top of my Christmas list this year is one of those little wheeled cart things that I can strap my laptop to and roll around.

And I don’t even care if I will look like an old lady rolling it wherever I go.

The mere thought of permanently crippling myself due to an un-ergonomic-ally designed laptop shoulder bag would just be too ironic.

So, here’s to a pain-free future.


Methinks another spa-ahh day is in my future, too. At least, I hope so!

Will you take the pain?



Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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