It’s time for the Fall Festival!

So… I do not live in the country, but I do live in the suburbs that used to be the country… so when I drive down the road apiece, I land on a farm. And not just any farm… but the one that has the huge fall festival every year! Yea! 🙂

Here’s a glimpse into this year’s event (we got there before the crowd)….

Entrance to fall festival
Rope Swing
Hanging by a thread….
Pig Pen
Horse in town
Ridin’ on into town….
“I’m holding out for a hero….”
Volcano Slide Entrance
“I was left to my own devi-i-i-ices….”
Volcano Slide
Watch Lava Girl slide down the volcano….
2 Goats and a Girl
Two hungry goats + one daring girl’s fingers….
Eggs in a wheelbarrow
Speaking of being hungry… anyone care for a giant omelet?
Giant Slide
Speaking of things that are giant… here’s the Dino Slide…
Cornundrum Corn Maze
Cornundrum… it’s simply a-maize-ing…. (Get it? It’s a corn/maize maze???)
Roman God Statue
Ooh, la, la…. I believe I may have just found my new dance partner for The Nutcracker wandering around in the corn.
Creepy Pirate Statue
Then again, with my luck… I will probably be paired up with this guy.
Who’s ready for a hayride? Come on, let’s go! (P.S. I don’t know any of these people.)
Free Pumpkins
You get to take a free pumpkin with you on the way out…. I chose the one in the pink glamour sunglasses. 😉


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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