CRAFT: Painting the Four Seasons

One of the crafty things my daughter and I like to do together is paint pottery. This year, she attended a week-long summer camp at our local pottery painting shop and made all sorts of things.

When I stopped by the shop to pick up her projects a couple weeks ago (we had to wait for them to come out of the kiln), I was told that one of them — a star-shaped box she had made for me with my name on it — had been dropped by one of the workers and had broken. (Sound familiar?) 😦

To make up for it, the store let her make another item, free. So, I figured as long as we were there, I would make something, too — a square-shaped bowl. We picked up our projects over the weekend. Here’s how mine turned out….

Painted fall tree

Well, I tried.

And, did you notice? There’s a little bluebird that spontaneously appeared in my fall tree. I guess I put the blue paint too close to my red paint on my palette.

Oh, well.

P.S. They were out of star boxes so, this time, my daughter made me a heart-shaped box with my name on it. I wonder what I shall put in it…. 🙂

“… and tearful at the falling of a star….”


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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