3 strikes. You’re….

Uh… well, maybe it kinda depends on the situation. 🙂

I am obliging my BFF with this post, because she noted that a couple things I said in my last one could potentially be misinterpreted. Therefore, I will now attempt to clarify my meaning… in case you’ve had any of the same thoughts about this as she did.

Here’s the gist….

1) The reason the guy (“S/S”) in my last post got “STRIKE 1” is not because he didn’t do as I asked. I am waaaay more tolerant of people’s free will and wholly welcoming of their good, independent decision-making skills than that. The reason for the strike was because he had put me in harm’s way. When we were leaving my parents’ house and he turned onto the main road, we were nearly hit by two oncoming cars — one from the left, one from the right. Had he heeded the advice of my parents to wait before turning, this wouldn’t have happened. Moreover, it seemed a little disrespectful to me that he felt he knew the road better than the rest of us, even though he’d never been there before.

2) Moving right along…. The reason he got “STRIKE 2” was also not merely because he didn’t do as I asked. The fact is, nothing the slightest bit romantic had occurred between us at all up until the moment when he suddenly made a move on me. We’d spent our time talking… mostly about work… not flirting. So I was taken aback that he would presume I was feeling more for him than friendship at that moment. And, again, I had told him so, but he disregarded it.

3) And finally, “STRIKE 3”. I guess I am working on a theme here. I gave S/S his final strike because he didn’t appear to care enough about me to know my name. Granted, my family members have more nicknames for each other than you can imagine. I even call my dog by multiple names (Muncie Bear, Mr. Bear, Mr. Puppers, Sir Pups-A-Lot, etc….). But my point is, if you’re going to put the moves on a girl as he did, or even pursue her for a legitimate relationship, wouldn’t you at least start by knowing her name? Just an idea.

What song can I possibly add to this. Let me think.

Maybe something like this….?

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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