Umm, did I miss my cue?

Recently, I was catching up with one of my aunts about general life events when she relayed a story to me. I thought it was kinda shocking and funny. (And I later remembered that it did, in fact, happen!)

We were talking about something random when she said in her playful Louisiana drawl, “… like that time you lost the ring.”

I looked at her strangely, “What ring?”

“At your wedding.”

“I lost a ring at my wedding? What are you talking about? What ring?”

“The wedding ring. Don’t you remember?”

“Obviously not…. or I have blocked it out. What happened?”

She proceeded to tell me, “You were at the altar and it was time to exchange rings. Right as you were about to put the one on [your husband]’s finger, it dropped out of your hands and went rolling down the aisle. It landed under a pew near the door.”

“You’re kidding me!”

“No. It happened. I can’t believe you don’t remember….”

“Wait a sec. So what you’re saying is that the ring actually fell out of my hand and rolled away from me???”

“Yes,” she confirmed. “And then you said to everyone, ‘Oh, that’s okay. Just leave it.'”

* LOL *

Note to whoever it was who brought the ring back to me so the ceremony could continue: I would like to have a word with you. 😐


[Insert an obvious, relevant song here that bears my name.
OR… if you so choose, this one — my favorite by this band.


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