Three shades of green…

Granted, it would be more fun to be writing a passionate story about a tormented romance… however, this story is merely about the new family at the school bus stop this year. They live in a green house with green shutters and a green front door. You’d think that green is such an abundant color in nature that all shades of it would blend together seamlessly. Sadly, this is not the case with their house. All three shades are different and non-complementary. And, oddly, they have also posted a huge sign in their front window depicting the YouTube logo. It’s just strange.

Anyway… as I said, they are new to the bus stop this year. Their daughter is now in kindergarten; they also have a young son in tow. Have I mentioned the big family dog yet? It comes to the bus stop, too… restrained on a heavy chain, connected to a very strong man (the dad) who stands slightly away from the group under a cluster of trees and actively holds the dog back from pouncing on the neighborhood kids who are innocently waiting in line for the school bus.

This morning, the family’s little girl gave the jumping, lurching dog a wrestler-like hug. The dog pulled her down until she was basically hanging off of its neck, under his feet. While this was going on, the mom — whose short hair was divided into two mini ponytails that looked like pom-poms on the crown of her head — took endless, quick sips of her Monster Energy Drink. The young son was left to wander as he pleased.

I’m thinking they haven’t even noticed their house is three shades of green.

This is only Day 2 of the new school year, so I’m hoping the dog, the dad and the little boy stay home in the future. Actually, I think the mom, the dog and the little boy should be the ones to stay home. Dad appears to be the strong silent type (compared to the rest), so I prefer him to accompany his daughter, for the time being.

The neighborhood psychologist (my bus stop buddy from last year) waited for me after the kids were picked up, so he could renew our morning chat sessions on the sidewalk. “Nice dog, huh?” he noted, after all other parents had departed. He, himself, actually got his adorable little white fluffy dog certified as a Therapy Dog last year… so we are no strangers to discussing canine adventures. Nonetheless, the fact that he, too, noticed the potential dangers of Green House Dog lurking in our future, means I’m not totally crazy in my thinking. He is already planning to sue the family when the dog eventually gets loose and attacks us. And he does believe it will happen one day. Who knows.

See? An intense, dark, three-way romance would’ve been so much more entertaining than this, no?

A more inspiring shade of green.
I wonder who this reminds me of.


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