Email invite gone awry…

Recently, I was invited to participate on a conference call. But when the call started, the link wasn’t working properly… so other invitees started replying to the email invitation to report the issue. It went something like this:

Original email subject line: CONFERENCE CALL


These are the revised subject lines that came rolling in every few seconds, from random people using REPLY ALL:

I can’t log on. Please fix it.
Me either. Please fix the link.
Me too.
Me too.
Me too.
Everybody, please stop replying all.
Please fix, I can’t log on.
Me either.
I can’t either.
Neither can I.
Me either, please fix.
Remove me from this email chain.
I can’t log on either.
Please fix link.
People, STOP replying all. There are thousands of people on this chain.
I can’t log on.
Me either.
Is anyone else having trouble logging on?
Please fix the tech issue.
Remove me from the chain.
Remove me, too.
Remove me.
Here are instructions on how to remove yourself.
Remove me also.
I can’t log on. Please fix.
If you want to be removed, do it yourself…
Can you please remove me?
I’m having trouble logging on.
Me, too.
Anyone know where I can get a good pizza?
Depends. Where are you?
San Fran.
NYC pizza is the best.
OK, this is fun, but seriously, stop talking about pizza.
We can’t log on. We have to talk about something.
How about Texas?
What about it?
Why would you eat pizza in Texas, when there’s so much great BBQ?

This went on for nearly a half-hour. (The call was scheduled to be an hour.) The chain finally ended around the same time someone sent this to me (she’d heard me laughing out loud):

Office Space Pic


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