The aunties are in town….

My mom’s sisters came into town on the train a week ago. One is my mom’s twin. I was named after her. The other is their older sister. There were also four brothers in this clan, but I believe all but one have passed on. They all hail from Cajun country… but you really can’t tell… anymore.

Anyway… so far, they have been living it up with shopping trips; a day trip to Gettysburg; another day trip to play the slots in West Virginia; breakfasts, lunches and dinners out; and… who knows what else. But in this short time, they each have managed to sneakily grab me into their clutches and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. 😉

"We are your aunties... and we are very honest people.
We will not cheat you."
From The Joy Luck Club

For instance, we had all gone out to dinner on Friday night. When we were saying our goodbyes, my namesake wrapped her arms around me and said, “When you have a moment this week, let’s talk about you-know-what.” I nodded covertly and she squeezed me tighter before letting go.

I moved on to the next hugger — my other aunt — who had not been paying attention to the prior hugger’s hug, but bear-hugged me into her own arms to bid me farewell, saying, “When you have a moment this week, let’s talk about you-know-what.” I nodded with a smile because I found the moment hilarious.

In case you’re interested, they both have different (but related) “you-know-what”s to discuss with me. It’s two days later and neither “talk” has happened yet… but, just fyi, I plan to let them do all the talking. Clearly they each have something to say!

One will be returning at Christmastime. The other will spend the holidays with her daughter’s family, etc. One hopes that between now and then, each of their hopes for me will have made some progress. Whatever they may be! 🙂



Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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