Voices in my head…

One of my old favorites to dance to…

Drill Team - Cath
Freshman year.

I don’t mean to bore you. Really. I am merely writing all of this down to get it out of my brain. I could use some free space up there.

Below are a few of the songs I remember doing high school drill team (now called: dance team) routines to years ago. We performed at half-time during our football and basketball seasons.

At the end of my first year, I was named “Fantastic Freshman”. I also served as team Secretary in my junior year and Co-Captain in my senior year. Plus… I won the Sportsmanship award twice, and the Captain gave me an MVP award.

(Whoopdeedoo… I know, I know. 😛 )

We (family) moved after my freshman year, which meant that I missed team tryouts for my new school. That’s why you may notice (if you’re actually still reading this) that my sophomore year is missing. But I still have all three sets of pompoms (my favorite ones are sparkly) and both letter jackets.

The funniest part of all of this (to me) is that I have never been very interested in sports….

HIGH SCHOOL #1 (Freshman Year)

Cath, Drill Team Performance, February 1984
I’m the one on the end, looking at the camera. (February 1984)

Come on, Feel the Noise — Quiet Riot (I know I misspelled the title)
Eye of the Tiger — Survivor
Footloose — Kenny Loggins (yes, we did the move from the movie)
Flamethrower — J. Geils Band (we danced with light-up wands)
All Over the World — E.L.O.
On the Loose — SAGA (this was a tryout routine)
It’s Your Life — Loverboy

We also performed a Christmas routine at a pep rally. I think we danced to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. There is a picture of me in the yearbook dressed as an elf. Better that than a reindeer. I lucked out. 🙂

Drill Team, Freshman Year
Fall 1983

– – – – – – – – – – –

HIGH SCHOOL #2 (Junior & Senior Years)

Drill Team Capt. Tryouts, 1986
I’m in the bright blue shirt and, for some reason, I was wearing my ballet shoes… with socks. (Fall 1986)

Boy in the Box — Corey Hart
People Are People — Depeche Mode
Don’t Go — Yaz
Baby, I’m a Star — Prince (I can’t find the video. Just watch “Purple Rain”.)
Jungle Love — Morris Day and the Time (can’t find this one either; same movie)
Start Me Up — Rolling Stones (we performed this with one of our rival HS dance teams at their Homecoming game)
Sidewalk Talk — Jellybean, with Madonna (camp routine)
What I Like About You — The Romantics
We Close Our Eyes — Go West
Jailhouse Rock — Elvis Presley
One — From “A Chorus Line”
Shout — Tears for Fears (this was a practice warm-up routine)

There are more where these came from.

Of course… I cannot remember what they are… and/or I have blocked them out.

By the way, can you tell from the song lists which high school was in the Midwest, and which one was on the East Coast?


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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