It’s time the tale were told…

So far, I must say the first half of 2014 has been a bit rough. For example:

The last week of March, I came down with the Plague. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the actual Plague, but if I had to imagine what having THE Plague felt like — that would’ve been it. I was so ill, I’m pretty sure that if flea-infested rats had been gnawing on my toes I wouldn’t have felt it. Not that I would ever invite any rats over to do such a thing. I’m just saying… I didn’t have the physical energy or mental clarity to stop them. I even ended up having to take two days off from work (before a weekend). That is so not like me.

Moreover, as I was lying on my bed unable to summon the will to move, I kept thinking of that scene in Sense and Sensibility when Marianne is lying in bed on the brink of death. Elinor awakens and realizes Marianne has come through her illness. The doctor then checks on her and it is proclaimed, “She is out of danger.” So I kept waiting for a doctor to come draw out my weakened blood with leeches or cut me and drain it into a bowl. Thankfully, no such doctor appeared. Not that I would’ve noticed, come to think of it.

Overall, whatever it was I had (other than the Plague) lasted nearly a month. SIGH. (Yes, my sighs are unending.) However, it didn’t keep me from going to the Furs concert in early April. Granted, I am pretty sure I infected a few of the people who were standing in my general vicinity at the show (sorry, strange people 😦 ), but at least my germs didn’t infiltrate the band.

Just think how horrible I would feel right now if the band had to cancel the remainder of its North American tour due to illness…….  



While I was recovering from the Plague, you may recall that I was rehearsing to be in a ballet show (which was in mid-May). Well, my ears had been clogged for at least ten days by the time Rehearsal Week #5 rolled around (mid-April)… and there was one dance move where we had to run forward and then backward, and then turn over our left shoulder and run forward again. You can imagine what that was like for me as I was emerging from the Plague with clogged ears.

Perhaps needless to say, I slipped and fell down… backward. But I didn’t just fall, I crushed my left wrist under me… after which it immediately became quite sore and swollen. That’s what hairline fractures do, I guess. (It was self-diagnosed, so I have no real clue. But… it hurt and lasted a long time….) So even though I was winning the battle against the Plague, I couldn’t open or close any doors… or carry things… or do whatever else people do with their left hands every day… for a few weeks. Five, maybe. SIGH.

But now, that ailment has also passed and I am back to normal — so to speak. So I am looking forward to July’s calmer, brighter days and time to work on making my home and garden pretty again, a la my Pinterest pins. 🙂

Happy summer!

Not quite accurate.




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