Curses! Foiled again… by music.

 Ode to not having all the answers.

Two Dusty DictionariesSee this thing over here to the right? It’s a podium… with not one but two copies of the same dictionary on top of it. It’s been a feature in my parents’ house for decades. In fact, when my sisters and I were growing up, if we asked our dad a question in hopes of receiving his insight on a matter, he would tell us, “Go look it up in the dictionary.” Thanks for the help, Dad. (That was one of his ways of making sure we turned out smart and self-sufficient.)

So, of course, years later, I pride myself on being ready, willing and able to answer any and all of my daughter’s questions about life, the universe, the history of America, friendship issues — all manner of topics.

Example: Let’s say she’s asked me why rainbows are multi-colored. Fabulous. I can answer that! (Or, at least I can come close.) And so I begin my recitation, which apparently goes on a bit too long… to the point of driving her so crazy that she is soon telling me, “Okay, okay. I get it. I got it…” and she turns away from me to stare blankly out the window on her side of the car searching for a moment of solitude and silence.

[But at least I am giving her years’ worth of the kind of wisdom I wasn’t privy to at her age. Knowing that makes it all worthwhile. 🙂 ]

Anyway, as I said… I pride myself on having the answer to EVERYTHING for her. But, still, she manages to stump me sometimes. It goes like this:

We are driving around town on our way to her latest dance practice or for one of our mother-daughter Girls’ Night Out sessions. A song I don’t like comes on the radio and I immediately begin punching all the channels I have programmed out of desperation of finding something that doesn’t hurt my ears.

Finally, I land on a station that is playing something tolerable. The melody of the song isn’t recognizable, but it’s got a good beat and is easy to dance to… so I pause on it long enough for my daughter to start getting into the groove. We are both keeping the beat in our own ways when I say, “I’ve never heard this before. Must be new.” And then she zings me: “What’s it called?”


How in the weeping willows (<<Tinkerbell movie reference) am I supposed to know the name of a song I’ve never even heard before???

Granted, I could invoke my psychic powers or make a guess based on the chorus, but….


“Let’s look it up on YouTube when we get home,” is all I can tell her.


It’s a good reminder that some questions
are easier to answer than others.

Full song.



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