Falling stars…

Moon Mirror
“Fate up against your will… he will wait until you give yourself to him.”

UPDATE, 1 July 2014: See the moon in the photo right there? Last night, it spontaneously fell off the wall in my bathroom and landed in the sink. No one was in the room at the time. No doors were slammed in the house. Nothing. It just fell. Luckily, only the skinny edge of the frame broke off (the mirror is intact). SIGH.

ORIGINAL POST: From about 2000-2002, I lived in an apartment (alone) in which my decor was a bit retro (’60s style…). I was also going through a celestial decor phase, so there were artsy moons and stars and suns scattered about every room. (I still have a few things hanging around… (please pardon my moondust).) Quite strangely, during the time I lived there, three of the stars I’d decorated my rooms with fell down on top of me. (Two were quite painful… one fell on my toe, the other on my head.) Sigh. What did it all mean? All of my stars were falling. Was it a sign? At the time, it felt like I was watching all of my dreams and wishes come crashing down in front of me. On top of me. How odd. I never did quite figure it out…. BUT… It recently occurred to me that maybe I was supposed to be wishing on those three falling stars, instead of cursing at them, all along! So… I have decided to make my three wishes now! (Better late than never….) AND… I thought it might be nice to share the moment with you… so…. Without further ado:

* * * You Are Cordially Invited * * *


Your presence is requested at 10 o’clock PM (US, EST) on the evening of Saturday, June 7, 2014


Standing under a sky full of stars…. Find one that’s particularly bright and shiny… (my favorites belong to Orion and Cassiopeia)

… then, close your eyes and make a wish… or three.

I can think of many, many celestial-inspired songs to stargaze by and make wishes to… one of the most obvious being I’m Wishing on a Star… but the list goes on and on… and on. So, who knows, maybe we will magically choose the same song… and the same star… to make our wishes upon. šŸ˜‰

See you there…

May the impossible things you wish come true!


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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