A springtime adventure with the Washingtons at Mount Vernon

One of my favorite historic places to visit is the home of George Washington in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s glorious. 🙂 George also happens to be my daughter’s favorite U.S. president (he’s also one of mine). So when her Papa (my dad) alerted us to an American Girl event taking place at the estate in April, we were happy to have a reason to go. Here’s a little bit of what we experienced….

Learning a few things before our tour begins….
Another Storyteller
This lady was not our tour guide.
And another storyteller
This lady wasn’t either.
Two Storytellers
Nope. It wasn’t the green lady either. It was the one in the beige dress who led our group to meet Lady Washington and tour the property with Nelly Custis….
Meet Martha
We stopped here to receive an invitation to meet Martha.
Martha's Maid
Okay, let’s go in and meet her!
Martha Washington
Good morning, Lady Washington.
Tea with Martha
Martha demonstrates how to properly sip your tea, and tells us what not to do. Watch the video. (:21 sec)
Busy Bees and Martha
Martha shares with us her handiwork and three things to keep in mind in order to live a happy life. Watch the video. (:37 sec)
Posing with Martha
It’s been lovely chatting with you.
Nelly Custis Telling Stories
Next, we were introduced to Nelly Custis. She was a hoot! Nelly was Martha’s granddaughter and George’s step-granddaughter.
Looking from the Front Steps Toward the West Gate
Nelly told us about a horse race she’d had with her brother George (she supposedly won it), which took off from the West Gate toward downtown Alexandria… in the rain. You can see the gate in the far distance.
Strolling Across the Lawn
Then Nelly led us across her grandfather’s lawn toward the greenhouse to meet Martha Parke Custis Peter.
Vegetables Beginning to Grow
On our way to the greenhouse, we passed through this vegetable and flower garden.
Martha Parke Custis
And here is Martha Parke Custis Peter, who taught us a little more about her family, like how she named her daughter Columbia after the then-new capital of the United States… and how to make posies.
Making a Pretty Posy
Here is my pretty little flower girl making a pretty little posy with her pretty little American Girl doll, Isabelle.
American Girl Isabelle & Her Posy
Isabelle wanted to make sure we remembered what the posy looked like in all its glory.
Climbing a Centuries' Old Tree
She also got a little restless waiting for our house tour to begin… so she decided to climb a centuries’ old tree.
This kitchen was part of a small house that George’s guests’ servants resided in during their visits. We passed through it on our way into the mansion, once the posy-making session was over.
Mount Vernon - House
And here is George Washington’s lovely manse. Gorgeous!
Mount Vernon View
After the tour, we sat on George’s back porch and enjoyed his cool, breezy, sunshiny view of the Potomac River. That’s Maryland on the other side.

Thanks for joining us on our adventure! 🙂

If you’d like to go on another historic adventure with us, check out our holiday visit to Sully Historic Site. And another holiday visit to Mount Vernon.

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  1. andi says:

    Loved your pictures of the AG event at Mount Vernon. I am currently planning a trip there, and we might be there during the next American Girl day. Was there an added cost to the general admission tickets? Do you remember what the cost was? Thanks for your help!!


    1. Cath says:

      Hi, Andi. You have to buy tickets for this specific event, rather than general admission. I don’t recall the price, but it was reasonable, and the event was fun. I hope you get to enjoy it! 😉 Thanks for stopping by.


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