Once a beauty queen…. (Pt. 4)

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Pageant Judges
Seated at the Judges’ Table – Ms. Petite MD & Ms. Petite VA, 1996

One of the duties of the reigning “beauty” was to help judge the following year’s pageant. So, in 1996, Ms. Petite Maryland and I were tasked with donning ourselves in pageant-like cocktail dresses again and sitting at a table with pens and judging forms, along with another guest judge.

We found it interesting that a couple of the girls we were judging had been ones we competed against. We also managed to be quite in sync with each other in our judging. Our choices for both the new Ms. Maryland and the new Ms. Virginia were unanimous.

Final Walk as the Reigning Beauty ;-) - 1996
My final walk

During the show, we walked our final walks on stage, waving like royalty… and after the show, we used the stage for our own silly strutting. A funny end to a fun experience.

Pageant Walk
Post-pageant farewell walk
Last Moment on Stage
Last moment on stage.

Oh! Almost forgot…. The question I get most often is, “What was your talent?” As it so happens, this pageant did not require me to have any talent. (ha…) However, had I needed some, I would have danced — most likely to Bang! by Blur. Why? Just because….

Pageant Trio
Ms. Petite MD, Pageant Director, & Ms. Petite VA

Now, as for what the future holds….

Just one more post to go!


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