Uncharted territory

Here’s a little something I wrote recently…

 Musical accompaniment….

I am a road not taken

… overshadowed by paths that meet
and diverge and cross over me; that
tie themselves to me without a thought.

I have been trampled
by those
who have used me only as a means
to get to the roads surrounding me.

Why wouldn’t they? I am not here for them.


There are others who have stayed a while, lingered too long,
stood above me, weighed me down, run halfway and back;
come and gone, and then left faint traces of themselves behind.

I have seen
both sunny
and dark days
with them.

Why wouldn’t they? They were not here for me.


I have been told I am too pretty to be chosen;
that the forest around me obscures the view;
that I am too deep and dark to walk down.

I have endured
years of neglect and
every drop of rain and sun
in this state.

Why wouldn’t I? I am here for a reason.

I am waiting for your footsteps
to take me where you are going.
I know the way as well as you do
and I would like us to get there together,
if only you would take a step.

Why won’t you? I am a road not taken.

You have never known

one like me before,
I know.
But you should.

I am yours.

©2014 Cath.

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