The (unexpected) “benefits” of being in a ballet….

DOLL SHOP 2014 - Fairfax Ballet flyerI started my rehearsals for the spring ballet a couple weeks ago. Although my role does not require much dancing, I do get to portray a character. I have been assigned the role of “fiancee”… and… since my male counterpart is only about 24 years old, by default, we are referred to as: “the young couple”. YEA!!! πŸ™‚


It seems my “fiance” and I will be spending our stage time acting rather schmoopy with each other (circa 1900), where he mimes actions that say: “Whatever you want, Dear.” And, in return, I pout and sulk and cleverly lead him to what I want until I get my way.

I do not condone this kind of behavior in real life, of course….

But it was kinda funny when the Doll Shop shopkeeper (who is also the Ballet’s artistic director) mimed, “Your purchase will be ready for pickup in the morning,” and my fiance responded, “We don’t get out of bed that early.” 😐

I fear the time my faux paramour and I spent together learning about our roles in Rehearsal #1 may have gone a little astray.

While I do appreciate my young fiance’s enthusiasm for supplying our audience with an accurate portrayal of a romantic couple… I cannot help but notice his over-indulgent quest to engage me in a series of all-too-close affectionate clinches.

On more than one occasion, I have had to remind him that a properly bred gentleman of the early 1900’s did not outwardly reveal his affections for his lady in public spaces. Therefore, his unending hand-holding attempts, paired with an abundant display of his arms wrapping around me while he lays his head upon my shoulder and/or his hands upon the upper portion of my leg — during the same moment at which we are supposed to be engaged in doll shopping — is not to be tolerated.

Impetuous youth!

Phew! Far less hand-holding this week. (In more ways than one.) Perhaps dignity and common sense are beginning to sink in with my dance partner. That, or he has already become bored with me…. Either way, I do appreciate this new trend.

Oh! By the way, I’m doing far less sulking and pouting these days, too. I have changed my tact with my suitor. Instead of complaining about everything (such as him not buying one of the snugly little poodle dolls for me), I am now attempting to show him how sensible I am about how he spends his money on me. So, while he mimes things like, “Anything you want, my sweet. Money is no object when it comes to you.” I respond with, “Oh, no, my dear. I couldn’t possibly take such great advantage of your generosity… yet.”

This was our first week rehearsing with all of the dancers in the show, so we got to see how our parts intermingled with theirs. BUT… I was sitting on the sidelines… because I have been sick for the past week. As I’m typing this, I still have not recovered. 😦 HOWEVER… sitting on a bench watching the story gave me a strange, new perspective… and I did notice one funny thing: my faux fiance acting as if I was seated or standing or walking beside him — and talking into the air.

Only 2 rehearsals left before our “put together” day. And then it’ll be showtime. Hopefully I will have made a full recovery by then.




Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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