Strangers on a Train

Metro RailSo… my daughter and I Metro’ed into DC the other day. We couldn’t help noticing all the people wearing green (and an occasional orange T-shirt or pants) for their various leprechaun-y celebratory events. And on the ride home, there was an even larger population of green-wearing groups scattered about our train.

One such young man (college age) was sitting alone beside the Metro Rail map. I didn’t notice him at first (as I generally try to avoid eye contact with Metro strangers), so I was looking past him as my daughter asked me about the yellow and green lines. However, at one point, he thought I was motioning to him and looked at me questioningly. He was wearing dark sunglasses and a green T-shirt inside a black zip-up jacket. When I apologized for errantly causing him concern, he removed his sunglasses and struck up a conversation.

I explained to him that we were looking at the map… and that my daughter had asked about whether or not we could ride the train into Maryland.

The young man and I both looked at each other and said simultaneously, “Well… you could, but… whether or not you want to is another thing.”

Then he asked me, “So, what have you two been up to today?”

Rain - Warner Theatre“We just went to see Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles,” I told him. “Basically, it was a pretend Beatles concert.” He told me that sounded much more exciting and fun than what he had done.

“So… what did you do today?” I asked.

“I went to this thing where if you wore green you got to taste all kinds of international beers free… except there were no Irish ones… so it was kinda a waste.”

“Oh, sorry…” I told him. And then, because it was bothering me not to know, I asked, “What does the rest of your shirt say?” All I could read was: KEEP CALM AND….

The young man unzipped his jacket to reveal the lower half of his tee, which said: “KEEP CALM AND SHAMROCK ON”.

“Ahh. Well, that about says it all, huh?” I noted.

Then the train emerged from underground and bright sunlight beamed straight into the young man’s eyes. He quickly donned his super-dark shades and I laughed… “You look like you just need to get home and crash….”

“No,” he told me… “it’s just the light is so painfully bright….” at which point he began mimicking my daughter’s shy, bored, hiding-from-him positions… and he managed to get her giggling.

Not long after, the train paused on the platform at his stop. He arose from his seat and walked toward the sliding doors. Before he left, he extended his hand to me and said, “It was a pleasure almost getting to know the two of you.” He shook my daughter’s hand as well — and I was quite surprised she actually shook his, as she can be too shy at times to do such things.

Rain - button“Enjoy the rest of your weekend,” I told him.

And off he went….


Nice to know there are still some nice young gentlemen out there. πŸ˜‰

Guess what song this is….




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