I la la la love you….

Pink Rose by Cath

What would Valentine’s Day be without romantic lyrics or poetry? Hmm… I’m not sure I know the answer to that. But it’s reminded me of something. In college, my creative writing class included a segment on writing poetry. (This was entirely different than my reading poetry class, of which I spoke earlier.) Since I’d been dashing off poems since 7th grade, I had thought it would be an easy enough task.

And, it was… until the day my professor embarrassed me by telling the entire class that the kind of poetry I wrote “should be hidden away in a bedroom drawer”. Sigh. Therefore… I will share someone else’s romantic poetry with you today instead of my own. 😉

PS: This song is dedicated to the valentine I don’t have. 😉

Valentine’s Day

© 1985, Merrit Malloy From The People Who Never Said Good-Bye
It was Valentine's Day 
Another Christmas for lovers 
He thought surely he would hear from her tonight
(she loved him so when they played that song) 
So he built himself a winter fire and waited by the phone

It was Valentine's Day 
So she bought fresh flowers at the market 
and she poured jasmine in her bath this afternoon 
She thought surely he would find her on a night like this 
"I'll always love you in February," he used to say

They both stayed home on the fourteenth of February this year 
Each was hoping the other would call by now 
But the familiar theme from The Tonight Show 
reminded them that the night was closing
He was certain she was with somebody else 
Her Irish hair in somebody else's hands

He felt so old that he wore socks to bed 
And she felt so cold that she turned the electric blanket up to nine 
and let the dog sleep on the bed 
They both took a sleeping pill and were asleep 
before Johnny brought out his first guest

Umm… was that too dismal for you? This song (and movie) will perk you up! 😉

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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