“A Jane Austen Christmas” at Sully….

Live music by violin and harpsichord, English country dancing,
hot cider, sugar cookies, hand-crafted Christmas ornaments…
and a dashing Master and Commander singing an Irish sailing song.

What more could a girl ask for???

Sully House

… The year is about 1790….

CommanderFirst BallDancing in the Hall

Click here to watch the dance! (1:01 min)

Circling leftPartnersChristmas StoryIngredients for JumblesRecipe for JumblesBaking JumblesBaker & GuestPotato HorsesStocking hung by the chimneyHandmade Heart OrnamentO Christmas TreeCornhusk Doll

Merry Christmas!

Join us on another adventure to Sully, when we learned about everything “from Austen to Dickens”.


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