5 random thoughts….


 I got this song stuck in my head the other day.

ohsThat’s not an unusual occurrence, of course, but this time, the song reminded me of the boy who introduced me to it. He was a sophomore when I was a senior in high school. We used to hang out at lunch together — which was the only time of day our paths would ever cross. I’m not sure exactly how we met, but we had the same extended group of friends. His best buddies were in a band called “Life in General.” (You’ve never heard of them.) 😉

Anyway… one day at lunch he told me he wanted me to hear this song. So we walked outside and he sat me down on a grassy area in front of the school and handed me his Walkman, which he’d already cued up. He’d had the headphones around his neck, so he took them off and placed them over my ears. We sat together in silence while I listened; while he watched me listen.

The next day, he brought me a homemade cassette copy of the entire LP. The only other thing I remember about him is talking on the phone one night, and him listening quietly as I (for some reason) started singing a song for him. I remember stopping mid-way through the lyrics… and him telling me, “No, keep going… I like it.” 😉


NutcrackerThe Nutcracker is only about a week away now.

This Saturday, we’ve got our “put-together” rehearsal at the studio. Next week, there are two separate dress rehearsals at the venue where we’ll be performing — one for Act 1, the other for Act 2.

I’ve been eating salads for lunch and/or dinner for the past few weeks (except that one time I broke down and ate cheese enchiladas… umm, and the pink peppermint milkshake I had last night…), hoping beyond hope that doing so will somehow render my ball gown (costume) less snug so that I can actually breathe in it! Ever since I tried it on, I’ve been told repeatedly that this dress “was made for [me]”.

Actually, it wasn’t.

It has been worn by others at previous performances for years… and it had to be hemmed a couple of inches and taken up in the shoulders for me. But… all other aspects of it did seem to fit in a complimentary manner. Except the non-breathable aspect, of course.

I know I’ve mentioned this dress once too often recently, but it’s because I am so happy it even exists at all. I had tried on three other dresses before it and looked HIDEOUS in every single one of them. Just when I had decided that the least hideous dress of all would have to do — and that I would have to face the fact that I would look hideous on stage for three performances — the studio owner came into the dressing room, pulled a previously-hidden-behind-another-costume lavender ball gown off a hanger on the wall and said, “Why are you wearing that? Here is your dress,” as if she was my fairy godmother.

Hmm…. It was, by far, the prettiest of the dresses I had endured thus far… and when I finally slipped into it, the other ladies in the room gasped, “That IS your dress!!!”

It was really quite shocking. In a good way. Which is why I’ve been eating so much salad. I mean… when you actually find something that fits you so surprisingly well… you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the opportunity… and do whatever you have to do… to make the situation work out.

At least… that’s what I would do.

My ultimate goal, of course, is not only to be capable of breathing… but to be capable of a great many other things, as well. 😉


 I’ve also had this song on my mind of late….

rpI got nothin’ to say about it….  ;-)




I found something at a thrift store over the weekend.

Where to go from here?

I was in a bad mood on Saturday… stressed and generally miserable and just feeling blah. So I went thrifting, hoping it would be cathartic. And, it was.

I found a small verdigris ornament for my sparkly silver tree. It was dangling by itself from a gold hook and didn’t have a price on it, so I asked the lady in the back how much it cost. “This will be fifty cents,” she told me, and I happily agreed as she made a price tag for it.

This ornament is entirely appropriate for me right now — and I suppose I should’ve expected to come across something like this there. After all, it was the same store where I (magically) found “Winter” two months ago. 😉

“All I need is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.”
– Willy Wonka (er, I mean… John Masefield)


 I would like to go back in time* and do this bell-ringing dance….

rj… twirl myself into the awaiting, passionate,
loving arms of a handsome
gentleman on the dance floor…
… and exist in a state of
eternal romantic bliss
with him thereafter…


If you go by the name “Doc” and have a time machine, please contact me.




I Wonder“Nothing left inside this old cathedral,
just a sad lonely spire.
How do you make it right?





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