Let the holiday merriment begin!

Kitty the Cat
I knocked over the tree… so it was moved.

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Well, I must admit something to you. I am ALWAYS ready for Christmas! 😉 And… umm… I put up my little silver sparkly Christmas tree in my bedroom back in mid-October. Yeah, for most people that’s a little early. I hear ya. But… I needed a little Christmas ambiance at the time, so… I set it up (without decorations).

And then the cat knocked it over (even though it was on top of a tall dresser). SIGH.

I have since relocated the tree to the table beside my bed… and I bought a few new ornaments for it over the weekend. I also created a fuzzy dark pink heart-shaped chain out of chenille stems to wrap around it as garland. (I like to leave this particular tree up through Valentine’s Day — but I do swap out some of the ornaments after Christmas with ones that are more “love”-themed.)

Rudolph & Bear
I bit off Rudolph’s shiny red nose. It had to be glued back on.

[Perhaps I should take a moment to explain here that during the holidays, I have a Christmas tree (mostly small ones) in every room of my house. I also have a lot of different ornament “themes” I use to decorate the big tree (which goes in the living room). Some years, it’s a snowman theme, some years Santa, some years angels… it just depends on… ??? My daughter has been decorating a tree in her room since she was two… and our cat and dog even have their own pet-themed tree. (Yes… I know I’m Christmas crazy!)]

the new ornaments I bought for my silver tree were chosen in honor of me performing in The Nutcracker this year!
They are a pair of pink ballet slippers and a lavender ballet
dress, which corresponds with the lovely lavender ballgown
I shall be wearing in the show. 🙂

Lavender DressBallet SlippersChenille Heart ChainDawn DollSparkly StarSilver Xmas Tree

[Did you notice the picture of my Dawn Doll? I LOVE her!!!
I’ll bet she’d love to try on that little lavender gown!
🙂 ]

If you would like to see what I look like in my lavender dress (other than me simply telling you I am obviously going to look quite ravishing!), come watch me dance!

Fairfax Ballet Nutcracker 2013Speaking of rehearsals for The Nutcracker…. Last week, the Artistic Director referred to me as a “log jam” on my way off stage — or, that is to say, leaving the home of The Stahlbaum’s who have thrown the holiday party where Clara receives her nutcracker from Herr Drosselmeier. She said my curtsey was too grand and took too long. (Oops….) The week before that, I got fussed at for laughing during the “big freeze” moment. But in my defense, I can assure you that the log jam actually occurred prior to my curtsey… and the reason I was laughing during the freeze was because this man who is also performing in the show makes a point of finding me on stage wherever I am at that very moment to stand in front of me and stare me down with his crazy eyes. SIGH

Nevertheless, I hereby promise you that I will behave appropriately during all three performances. I think. 🙂




Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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