Finding December…

December - Robert FurberOn many, many weekends over the years, I have made a point of visiting my local Salvation Army thrift store looking for various interesting items — anything from Christmas and other holiday and home decor to random candle holders and books, to vintage linens. In such shops, I’ve also made it a habit to look through all of the framed art in hope of finding pretty hand-worked needlepoint pieces and anything else that might catch my eye.

One of the specific things I have always searched for, though, is the botanical print for “December” by Robert Furber. Unfortunately, my Salvation Army store seemed to have every other possible month given up and turned in by someone except the one I wanted — the one that represents the month in which I was born. (And, yes, I know that I could’ve bought the print brand new, but… that would have spoiled all the fun of hunting for treasures!)

One day (more than a decade ago!), one of the sales clerks asked me if he could help me find something. I told him I was looking for “December”. He knew exactly what I meant and assured me, “I guarantee you it will be here one day. They all show up eventually.”


Well, over the course of a couple more years, I continued my search, but never did come across it at any of the various thrift stores in my area. And then the Salvation Army store in my area closed… potentially taking my chances of ever finding “December” along with it. 😦

OctoberEventually, Goodwill moved into the space… and completely re-arranged the store’s layout. Still, I continued my search. But… nope, nothing. Only an “October” fruit print — which I did buy a few years ago for my daughter’s sake. But “April”, “May”, “July”, “August”… those are the prints that appear in the art bin most often. Never any of the winter months.

Years passed.

My hope remained.

My search continued.

And then, one MAGICAL day… just a few weeks ago in September… at a very unsuspecting moment — and just when I really, really needed to experience a little bit of magic…

* * * POOF! * * *

… I found it.


So… it looks like that sales clerk was right all those years ago. He knew that someday the one I was looking for would find it’s way to me; in the very place where I would be looking to discover it and bring it home with me.

If that’s not MAGIC, I don’t know what is….

I immediately hung it on my wall front and center when I got home, even though I hadn’t even taken off the price tag yet ($4.95).

Winter - Robert FurberAnd… as if that wasn’t MAGICAL enough… guess what happened a few weekends later…???!!! Not only did I find a needlepointed basket of flowers… I found the botanical print for “WINTER“! I didn’t even know there was such a thing — the entire season of winter!

Sooo exciting! 🙂

Triple YEA!!! 😀

LESSON LEARNED: Seek and ye shall find.”
Never, ever give up on what you want, or think you will never find it. What you’re looking for will come to you when the time is right. And it will bring even greater things with it that you never even imagined! 😉

Good luck to you finding it for yourself, whatever it is your heart desires!

Happy Holiday Season!

* . * . * . . .  Let the Magic Begin . . .*  .* . *




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