Yay! Apparently I’m nutty enough for “The Nutcracker”!

Fairfax Ballet's I just found out that both my daughter and I will be dancing in The Nutcracker this year. This is a momentous occasion for us for a variety of reasons. First, my daughter had to advance to a certain level at the dance studio in order to be eligible for the performance… and she is finally there! Second, I haven’t performed on a stage in several years… so I am very excited to have that opportunity again. And third, we get to perform TOGETHER! 🙂

This production is great because it’s the full-length ballet, with classic costumes and wonderful props (for example, one of the painted backdrops is a winter forest — which I would love to put on a wall in my home!). Plus, we have professional dancers from companies around the country dancing in the principal roles. So fun!

So… what parts will we play? Well, I shall be taking on the prestigious role of “Adult Party Guest” in the Christmas party scene that opens the show! Hmm… this may be a bit of a stretch for me. I’m thinking I might actually have to call upon that semester of acting classes I took in college to prepare for it. 😉 I am also looking forward to attempting to look truly dazzling in a puff-sleeved, moire taffeta long evening gown, elbow-length white gloves, glittering faux jewels at my neck, sparkling earrings, and my hair all done up in ringlets!

I’ve been informed that the costumes used for the female “Adult Party Guests” are re-purposed 1980’s prom dresses.

Eyes of a Stranger[TOTALLY ’80s TANGENT:
Like, ohmygod! 1980’s prom dresses?! I’m so sure.
No way!

Well, actually… this is not really a problem for me because now I am like sooo totally hoping Randy and Fred crash the Christmas party!!! It would be super rad for sure, y’know? Totally tubular! Like, Randy is the most awesome dude ever. He’s like tripendicular, y’know? It’s like I feel connected to him somehow… it’s like we’re linked or something. I could totally stop the world and melt with him. It would be so awesome. For sure.

“The future’s open wide”…. but… “I’m a million miles away.” SIGH.

Oh, well. Enough about me and super cute punk guys from the other side of town in ripped-up jeans, black leather jackets and spiky hair.]

Back to The Nutcracker….

My daughter will be one of the children under “Mother Ginger’s” giant skirt. We don’t know yet if she will play a Boy or a Girl… but I’m guessing that if they ask her to be a Boy she will freak out. She thinks boys are “weird”. Why? “Because they’re boys.” (She’s almost 8 years old, in case you were wondering.) If she’s a Girl, she shall have ringlets in her hair as well… under a mop cap.

Here are a couple of photos from recent years… since I’m suddenly in a holiday mood! You can get in the mood yourself by listening to Tchaikovsky‘s Nutcracker Suite. WARNING: You may find yourself wanting to hang up your stockings and decorate your Christmas tree tonight! 😉

Nutcracker Party Scene
You can see a few Adult Party Guests mingling in the background. 😉 The man in the white coat is Herr Drosselmeier (he is also one of the dance teachers I mentioned in this post).
Mother Ginger & Her Many Kids
Mother Ginger’s daughters are dancing for Clara and the Nutcracker Prince in the Land of the Sweets, where the Sugar Plum Fairy lives!

If you have a free moment over Thanksgiving weekend, I invite you to come see if I will slip and fall on stage — or get my foot stuck in the hem of my 1980’s prom dress (3 shows = 3 chances for me to do this). I’m sure my daughter will be absolutely fabulous in her role… as long as she finds her way out of Mother Ginger’s giant skirt.




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