Love notes (unrequited)

Recently, as previously mentioned, I ventured downstairs into my parents’ basement. I’ve been trying to go through some of my old things that are still down there to see what’s worth keeping, or what can be thrown away or donated to charity. My mom reminded me about the trunk she had bought for me (she gave one to each of my sisters, too)… which, at some point in my earlier years, I had stuffed with all kinds of meaningful things — and then I promptly forgot what all of those things were. 🙂

Here are a few items I didn’t know I still had:

5th Grade: A boy I kinda liked wrote me a note asking me to “go with” him. After I accepted… and then never heard from him again… word got back to me that it was all a joke. He had made a bet that he could “go with” more girls than another boy in our class by the end of the school year. And I was just a means to an end. 😐

Sophomore year of high school, I passed beside him in the school hallway and overheard him telling some other guy, “I used to go with her.” I was like… umm??? I must have missed that memo somewhere… SIGH.

"will you go with me" note

6th Grade: A boy in my class used to write me love notes and put them in my desk at recess. My heart would sink every time I saw one waiting for me because I felt pressured (by other girls in our class) to acknowledge him in a way that wasn’t how I really felt. Here is one of his notes in which he’s referring to the class rollerskating party we’d gone to during which our teacher made us skate together for the “couples skate” portion of the afternoon. 😐

desk noteHe also sent me a postcard while he was away on a family vacation:

Costa Rica Postcardpostcard message

And he brought back a souvenir bracelet for me (he threw it at me, into the window of my mom’s car as we were driving away from school one afternoon). It was a nice gesture, either way. 😉

wood bead bracelet

And that about sums up my pre-college “dating” experience.


(Well, not quite, but it’s close… very close.)


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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