My heart-shaped world

double-heartsWhen I was little, I collected hearts. It’s not as gruesome (or romantic) as it sounds. I think it started around 5th grade, or maybe a little earlier. It was just a girlie thing to do, like collecting rainbows or unicorns. For me, it was hearts. And the symbol I always used when I signed my name was a double-heart. All of my notes passed to friends were signed this way.

As you may have noticed from other posts, I’ve recently been excavating my parents’ basement, digging my way through all things known as “mine” in years gone by. During this process, I came across all of my heart-related items… I had a lot! So I thought I’d share a few of them with you (to spread the love around, as it were). 😉

Even my rainbow had a heart!
The blue sparkly one is my very favorite!
This red heart is fuzzy.

I’m fairly certain I never wore the beige heart studs, but I do remember wearing a pair of blue ones just like them a lot. My very favorite piece, the sparkly blue heart locket (it’s empty), belonged to a necklace, which I think I received for Christmas when I was very young. I remember it made me feel like a princess. (Umm… Cinderella, perhaps?)

I also like the sterling silver and turquoise (my birthstone) earrings with the arrow shooting through them.

Perhaps not so shocking is the fact that… I still decorate with hearts! 😉

This is what you see when you first walk into my home.
red heart
Near the front door.
heart & key
Should you venture upstairs, you’ll pass right by this key to my heart…
And this greets you in the kitchen.







Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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