Meet my super-cool and groovy rock star “husbands”

They’re all part of my rock-n-roll fantasy. 🙂 And… umm… I’ve only ever actually spent any time with one of them. But…

Please allow me to introduce you…. Or, perhaps you have previously met them? I wouldn’t doubt it. They do get around.

They appear here in no particular order. You are welcome to look and listen… and feel free to mix and mingle as you please. By the way… I left a few names off this list because, of course, a girl’s gotta have her secrets. 😉

BonoSing it to me…: BONO
All I want is you.

paul rodgersAs ready as I’ll ever be…: PAUL RODGERS
Ooh, I want you to stay. Ooh, I want you today.

steve perryYep, I’m feelin’ it: STEVE PERRY
Are you feelin’… ya feelin’ that way, too?

paul mccartneyI think his name will ring a bell: PAUL McCARTNEY
Maybe I’m afraid of the way I love you.

joe elliottOh, no!… Please don’t do it…: JOE ELLIOTT
You’re bringin’ on the heartbreak….

dave grohlRight behind ya all the way: DAVE GROHL
If you walk out on me, I’m walking after you.

roger daltreyIgnore the fringe, please: ROGER DALTREY
My love is vengeance that’s never free.

Tim BoothIt was a pleasure speaking with you: TIM BOOTH
You watch her go; your reaction is far too slow….

eddie vedderWe share our birthdate (but he’s older): EDDIE VEDDER
How quick the sun can drop away….

robert plantMy favorite (thus far): ROBERT PLANT
I wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today….

Well… there you have it.

If, by some chance, you would like to be added to this list*, you may submit your application for “Rock Star Husband” by commenting below.

Naturally, I will need to know:

  1. what your general musical talents are
  2. what you sound and look like playing and/or singing
  3. your preferred genre(s) of music
  4. the lyrical depth of your soul
  5. how you move

Thank you. 🙂

*Local rock legends welcome.

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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