A Cinderella story…?

Cinderella objects on shelf
My Cinderella-esque decor. πŸ˜‰

Hidden within the “lost archives” of my teenage years I recently came across a variety of miscellaneous papers that have been “preserved” in my parents’ basement for a very long time. Recently excavated was this very dramatic story I wrote when I was 17. πŸ˜‰

If you dare to read it, please read it aloud to get the full effect — the way Anne Shirley would read her story, Averil’s Atonement.
[Just watch the first 3 minutes. ;-)]

It is quite dramatic. πŸ˜‰

PS: There are questions at the end if you care to respond….


Catherine was wearing her brilliant blue sparkling dress that night — the one she had handmade herself — and clutching a scribbled note in her fist. She very rarely did things like this; made spur-of-the-moment plans. And, now, as she approached the address that had been written upon the crumpled paper, Catherine didn’t know what to do. She had never been to a place like this before. But she knew that her good friend wouldn’t put her in a compromising situation, would she?

Catherine rechecked the address on the note, unsure of her surroundings, and stared shyly at the night club before her. It had to be the correct location. She had followed the directions completely. So she proceeded toward the entrance, feeling out of place and over-dressed.

The first thing she noticed were the leather jackets and wild hairstyles of the crowd that had gathered around her in the small entryway. It became quickly evident that the address Catherine had arrived at was not only incorrect, it was also the location of a punk music nightclub. She stood frozen in place for what felt like years, not knowing which way to go… and being too shy to ask.

The venue fell silent. The crowd that had been dancing in the interior room gasped at the sight of the timid figure in the sparkling blue dress standing near the door. She was too sophisticated for this place, yet her innocence screamed for attention.

Catherine’s toes wiggled in her sky blue heels and she, with head tilted downward in an effort to hide herself, glanced hesitantly about the room until her gaze landed on the most exquisite and beautiful face she had ever seen.

His skin was tanned and his eyes dark, outlined in black pencil. His cheeks were gently blushed — partly due to her intense stare upon his features — and his lips were painted a deep red. His hair was arranged in a long, lop-sided cut and lay gently brushed to one side, leaving only a hint of bangs so that it was necessary for him to peek under his long locks to look at her. Was it possible he was as shy as she was?

Their mutual glance lasted only seconds, but Catherine noted every detail of his face without hesitation in an instant. But she couldn’t stay here. She didn’t belong.

So she finally asked someone if they had seen anyone matching her friend’s description. Her voice came out soft and delicate, and everyone seemed to be straining to hear her speak. One of the young men close to her, slightly entranced by her words, answered “no” reluctantly, as if he wished he could have told her yes, just to make her stay.

Catherine lowered her head even more — feeling even more uncomfortable by the mistake in her attendance here tonight — and uttered a single whispered, “Oh,” then quickly backed away from everyone, moving toward the door she had just walked through.

It was then that a hand tenderly reached out to touch her arm. “Would you like to dance?” offered a calm, yet shaken voice. It was the young man with the lopsided hair. He smiled quickly at her, and then it faded away.

Catherine gazed down toward her dress and let out an astonished giggle. How was a young girl dressed in a long, shiny ballgown possibly going to dance at a punk nightclub?

At the back of the room, a band that had been playing on a small stage began making some noise. She felt a strange, unavoidable weakness overcome her soul. She stuttered her reply, “I-I…. I can’t dance to th-this…” she told him.

The young man placed his fingers gently upon her lips to stop her from saying anything further, and led her toward the dance floor. She felt herself glide beside him — supported only by his arm — as the music began and the two fell entranced into step.

At first, an empty space floated lifelessly between them, but moment by moment, restraint became impossible so that they melted hopelessly closer into each other. It seemed to last an eternity, though in reality it was only a few brief minutes. And as the final words of the song floated across the room, the young man lifted her chin and swept his lips across hers, singing, “I love you.”

The kiss was sweet, but his words frightened Catherine. She pulled away, confused. How could this young man she’d never met before tell her he loved her? How could she let herself become so connected to someone so unlike herself? And why was she feeling like she was in love with him, too?

She didn’t know what to do anymore… so she began to pull away from him.

glass slipperIn an instant, their dream world shattered. Catherine stumbled across the floor, her feet lightly stepping up the few stairs that led to the exit. In her hurry to run away, one of her shoes fell off. It was then that she realized how muchΒ she felt like Cinderella… but in this case, Catherine was certain she would never see her prince again.

She flew out the door, angry at herself for being afraid and confused… and did not look back to see the punk crowd consoling their now-dismayed friend. They knew something she didn’t. They knew he was in love… and that he’d never be the same again….

*** The End ***


Yes, these were (apparently) the kinds of romantic issues that were on my mind at age 17. πŸ™‚

But how interesting is the ending? Did you see that coming? She appears there as Cinderella, he appears as the Prince, and yet… he does NOT follow her… even after she leaves her shoe behind!!!

Hmm. It makes me wonder….



So now I have a few questions for you, if you care to take a guess by commenting below (you can answer just one or all of them, it’s up to you!):

  1. What song do you think they danced to?
  2. Where do you think Catherine was supposed to be that night?
  3. Do you think her friend sent her to the club on purpose?
  4. Do you think Cath and the guy ever saw each other again?
  5. Do you think she ever got her shoe back? πŸ˜‰




Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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