My life in… a movie? Sort of….

Can't Buy Me Love - movie still,  (C) TouchstoneI think I may need to start watching a different genre of movie. Lately, every romantic comedy I’ve seen has reminded me of my actual life in some way — either generally or specifically. That may not seem like such a bad thing at first, but… it’s kinda strange, really. For instance,  a few days ago, I was watching “Can’t Buy Me Love“, from 1987.

[Yep… long live the ’80s! ;-)]

I watched it because I was in a mood for Patrick Dempsey after mentioning him in a recent post. Please note… there are aspects of the movie that I don’t like at all… but I am willing to overlook them for the sake of the other aspects that I find interesting. (Oh, and btw, I have even bigger issues with Patrick’s movie “Loverboy“, but… at least it is nothing like my life at all.)

The first time I saw “Can’t Buy Me Love” was at a theater with my friend Monica. We didn’t think it reflected our own high school experiences very much — and we had just graduated. Monica specifically didn’t think the part where Ronald stands up to everyone in the cafeteria was very believable. It was the clapping that did her in. But I remember thinking that it was possible. I mean, I have stood up for others in similar situations. Yeah… Ronald’s speech is a bit preachy, but… maybe. It could happen.

(Side note: When I first heard Josie’s prom speech in “Never Been Kissed”, it reminded me of Ronald’s semi-believable speech moment. I guess that’s something semi-teen movies have in common.)

Anyway… here are the things I think are “funny” about “Can’t Buy Me Love” — none of which will likely make any sense to you, unless you know me well enough to decipher my reason for even mentioning them in the first place:

  • Cindy is the captain of the cheerleading team. My dad always introduced me (back in my high school days) as the captain of the cheerleaders… but I wasn’t. I was the co-captain of the dance team (poms). Anyway… my point is… it’s similar to me… especially since Cindy’s cheerleaders are dancing — not cheering — in the scene when she makes her appearance.
  • Cindy dates a college boy named Brent to get back at Ronald after she and her college boyfriend Bobby break up. I find this hysterical for reasons I cannot explain here. 🙂 Oh, btw: “Read my lips: Chocolate milkshake, extra thick.”

(Just so ya know, after I watched the movie I was inspired to drink a chocolate milkshake. Couldn’t help myself!)

  • The car Cindy drives is a VW Rabbit convertible… which was the predecessor to a car that made two different appearances in my life. Again — to me, this is oddly funny.
  • Ronald is a “science geek”, which reminds me of facts I learned about someone fairly recently.
  • The friend I learned the above about swears he can moonwalk forward; however, he refused to show me this skill in person, so until further notice, I am imagining that it looks a lot like Ronald’s anteater dance (choreographed by Paula Abdul).
  • Speaking of the moon… Cindy writes poetry. When Ronald takes her to the airplane graveyard and they look at the stars together, he tells her about the crack in the moon. She later writes a poem called “Broken Moon” in his honor… and he totally disses her. 😛
  • The other day, I was at my parents’ house going through a box of old clothes — from the ’80s. (No… I haven’t gotten rid of them.) Anyway… Cindy wears clothes similar to what I found in the box. For example: pointy-toed, flat-heeled, lace-up ankle boots. 🙂
  • The biggest difference between me and Cindy: I could/would never date any guy who’s been with (a.k.a. scored with) all my friends… or even just one of them. It would totally creep me out. For sure.
  • I also would not date any of the “jocks” or other “cool” guys in the movie. They don’t interest me in the slightest. I would be all about Ronnie, though. Sure, he was kinda a dork, but… he was also approachable, smart, funny and real. Plus, I love the fluffy mop of hair. 🙂

Other than all that, I don’t think I can personally relate to any other specific aspects of the film. However, I’ve always liked the scene where Ronald walks home alone with his head hung low on New Year’s Eve… and how he attempts to repair his friendship with Kenneth. So… what other romantic comedies have I been watching that are reflective of my life? Hmm… well, that’s definitely for me to know — and for you maybe to find out. 😉




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  1. Lee says:

    I love reading your posts. We miss you guys!


    1. Cath says:

      Hi. Thanks. Miss you guys, too… let’s plan a play date! 😉


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