Help me…. Joni Mitchell refuses to leave.

UPDATE, mid-2013: Joni finally came out when I went in after her using the old “stick your credit card in the CD slot to mess up everything and hope for the best” technique. It worked. Yea! And I haven’t put her in there again since. She was in there for six years! I think that’s long enough. 😉

Not that I don’t enjoy her company, but I’m sure she’s got an urge for going by now… or at least would like to get out and stretch her legs every once in a while. As it is, however, she’s been going round and round and round in the carousel of my car’s CD player (slot #6) for more than five years now, and she won’t come out.

Poor thing. She could probably use a break from the Beatles, U2, Verve, Alice in Chains, Zeppelin, holiday classics, and all the other assorted CDs that pop in and out, coming and going as they please in slots #1-5. (BTW, if you think that I think that citing band names makes me sound cool for some crazy reason, please read this.)

Here’s what she’s looked like for the past few years (you get bonus points if you can identify this song and the lyric she just sang):

Pardon my dust.

So… what do you think it’s gonna take to get her out of there — and feeling unfettered and alive again?


BONUS: Name That Tune

I have a Bob Dylan box set in my music collection. Which song do you think this is? (This is my idea of another sneaky PS preview for ya.)

Bob Dylan - Name That Tune!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. MichelleP says:

    I was going to try to work out your little quiz but the tags you put on your post made me 2nd guess my first guess, which was Big yellow taxi 🙂


    1. Cath says:

      Well, I feel like a big yellow taxi hauling her around everywhere. 😉 haha


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