This one’s for you, wherever you are…

I was rocking out to a dance tune (without causing myself further injury), which happened to be playing on the radio this morning. Someone that I used to know [<<no, it was not that song] instantly entered my mind, and it got me thinking. Naturally, there are certain songs that remind me of certain people, places and experiences — even if the person is no longer in my life and the song is brand-new.

So, I’ve decided to have my own private, impromptu dance party in honor of people that I used to know. And, guess what? You’re invited!

To start off, I’ve got a few special dedications to make for some songs
that have “a good beat and are easy to dance to…”. If any of you reading this are among the recipients of my song dedications: Hello. 🙂 I hope you’re
doing well.

C’mon, let’s get into the groove!

Taio Cruz - Break Your HeartBREAK YOUR HEART — Taio Cruz
This one goes out to CJT. I picture you every time I hear it — and, perhaps strangely, I imagine us having a blast out on the dance floor, dancing to it together. I’m presuming you’ve still got some moves….

The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes AgainBIGMOUTH STRIKES AGAIN — The Smiths
This one’s for MAT in Pittsburgh. Speaking of dance floors, you introduced yourself to me because you noticed I knew the words to this song as you were standing across the room, watching me and my BFF dancing to it at Metropol.

James - Born of FrustrationBORN OF FRUSTRATION — James
This one’s for CEH. I’m dedicating this to you only because I happened to play it once in my car after you hugged me in the parking lot behind T.T. Reynolds. PS: I *heart* Tim Booth and, similar to you, he once kissed me on the cheek. Yea!
Hmm, every song has started with a “B” so far. I guess it’s time to change things up a bit…

Embrace - GravityGRAVITY — Embrace
Hi, BMH. Remember when I recommended that you style your hair like this rock star? Actually, your hair was fine just the way it was. I merely wanted to share the song with you.

Now… turning slightly moodier for a moment…

Paramore - The Only ExceptionTHE ONLY EXCEPTION — Paramore
I’d like to dedicate this to someone mentioned above. But, I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of a song you once told me about (and something else that happened… for which I’m sorry). You barely knew me, and yet… you did.

Next up, songs that don’t really mean anything to me, but are dance-worthy:

Enrique Iglesias - TonightTONIGHT (I’M LOVIN’ YOU) — Enrique Iglesias
This one goes out to no one in particular. I don’t really care for the “story” told in the lyrics, but it sort of reminds me of this song, which is one I would, once again, have to dedicate to CJT — as it reminds me of how you roll(-ed).

La Roux - BulletproofBULLETPROOF — La Roux
Again, this song is not for anyone in particular. Or maybe it’s for everyone. I don’t know. But, anyway, it’s fun. (Side note: I find her makeup in this video to be very disturbing.)

Jay Sean - DownDOWN — Jay Sean
Sticking with the “not for anyone in particular” theme… this one’s just to keep the dancing going.

Gotta end on a happy note…

Flo Rida - Good FeelingGOOD FEELING — Flo Rida
Oh-oh, sometimes…. I get a good feeling.


Thanks for dancing with me! I’m glad you came.

Barry Manilow - Could it be magic?

And, thank you, Barry Manilow,
for inspiring the title of this post.





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