Out of sight, out of mind…?

So… I’m not sure if you’ve noticed (or cared), but I’ve been “offline” for a little while lately. Judging from my last entry, which I believe is dated in mid-February of this year, it’s been more than a couple of months. But… actually, I’ve been online quite a bit, just not in this space. As I mentioned to my BFF in an email this morning, I have been volunteering up a storm lately. So, my time isn’t quite my own at the moment. Oh, well. It’s springtime! I can’t help wanting to be involved in things. 🙂

My little princessFor instance, recently, I became a Member of the Board for the Fairfax Ballet. I haven’t been fully indoctrinated into this group yet, but I’ve provided a little bit of help in the realm of editing, and I spent this past Saturday night helping to decorate the dance studio (there are three studios at the school, actually) so that it would be fit for a princess — a princess picnic, that is. The Picnic with the Princesses event was held the next day, at which we were pleased to enjoy a special sneak-peek performance by four lovely Princesses and the Lilac Fairy, also known as the Senior Company members of the Ballet.

My pretty goldfish, May 2012Continuing on the ballet theme, I’ve also been altering a dozen or so costumes for a school of goldfish. These little goldfish will be wearing decades’ old costumes as they swim around the stage with Ariel, the Little Mermaid, at the Ballet’s upcoming spring performance, “Happily Ever After” — later this month. My daughter happens to be a goldfish, and I have signed on to be a Backstage Mom… with sewing duties. So I’ve been creating darts and princess seams where there once were none, restructuring existing seams, adding hooks and eyes where needed, repositioning giant gold sequins, and replacing old elastic straps with new ones, by hand.

Old Well (or it could be a fire pit... oops!) They look so much alike!Moreover, I will be helping to chaperone a field trip with my daughter this week. We will be viewing (and probably smelling) cows-n-corn. That’s about all I know of it, other than the fact that it’ll take a brief bus ride to get us to the farm. The last field trip I chaperoned in the fall was also to a local farm, where we took a hayride and collected pumpkins on our way out. The coolest thing (to me) about that location was its very, very old well. Because, of course, I love imagining all the people who have visited the well before us (I’m not talking about tourists… I mean soldiers, countrymen, milkmaids, and what-have-you), stopping for a refreshing draft of water.

Mr. Muncie BearBeyond all of that, we’ve got a new member of the family. He is a shepherd mix, almost 8 years old, who we met at FOHA. He came to live with us two weeks ago and his name is Mr. Muncie. Or Muncie Bear. Or Big Bear. Or Schmuncie, depending on the mood. When I call him “Mr. Muncie,” I picture myself in a tight, smooth bun, wearing skinny glasses at the tip of my nose and a tapered-to-the-knee linen suit with classic corporate ’60s style. Mr. Muncie sits down and looks up at me from his empty food bowl and I say studiously, in a pinched nasal tone, “Yes, Mr. Muncie. Right away, Mr. Muncie.” Of course, I am saying this while taking dictation from him on my Steno pad. [Side note: I actually did take a class on stenography in high school! For some reason, I thought it might come in handy. Thanks to Mr. Muncie, apparently (after all these years) I was right.]

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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