Have we met somewhere before?

This morning, I almost managed to reach my office within the length of one song: “Hey, Jude”. It lasted from the time I turned left out of my neighborhood till I hit a very long red light a couple miles down the road and was left staring across a very wide intersection at my office building. If only The Beatles had added just a few more “nah, nah, nah, nah”s at the end,
I wouldn’t have had to search for a “filler” song to lead me from the red light over to my ultimate parking space. Sigh.

However… in the course of listening to (and singing along with) “Hey, Jude”, something struck me! (And, maybe you are smarter than me and already know this… but…) Earlier this week, I had seen a familiar face on TV. For some reason, I actually tuned into the two-hour-long premier of The River on Tuesday night. I guess it was partially because I like Bruce Greenwood… (though I think the character he’s portraying in this program does his acting ability a disservice), and Steven Spielberg… and scary stories, in general.

Across the Universe Movie Poster from IMDBAnyway… in The River, Bruce’s grown son is played by someone whose face I thought I had seen before, but didn’t have a clue where. Well, I finally figured it out during “Hey, Jude” this morning — he played Max in Across the Universe. His name is Joe Anderson… (and he’s just a little bit dreamy). Side note: I prefer him performing in a musical rather than wandering through a jungle or floating on a river, but nonetheless… it’s nice to see him again. Another sigh.

Since this morning, I have managed to go on with my day, despite a desire to hop back in my car and head home to watch Across the Universe. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, so I think its time has come. And, I guess I’ll be making plans to do that one of these days…. But, for now, my lunch hour is over, so… back to work.

Oh! One more thing before I go (since I do love my Beatles). Here’s a Beatles-esque reference for Bruce: Nowhere Man.

For your viewing pleasure: Joe sings “Hey, Jude”.

And, finally, a travel activity for you: Choose any starting point… then see how far (across the universe) you can get while listening to “Hey, Jude.” 🙂 Bye.

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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