Catching Up with Winter

It’s cold outside. Finally. Which means that the wintertime activities in my neighborhood may now commence! Such as….

SAT., 1/7/12: Building a gingerbread house from the kit my daughter and I found at Michaels craft store for 70% off the original price. (Yes! I love a good bargain… even if it comes a little later than I would have preferred.) Our candy-coated house is now decorating our kitchen countertop, but I surmise it won’t last long. It took all of .002 seconds — after we had put the final touch on the roof — for my daughter to ask me, “Can we eat the candy now?” (As opposed to the icing she had been licking off her fingers during the house’s construction.) She’s been picking off gumdrops one at a time ever since.

Here are a couple more shots of the house in its pre-demolition stage:


MON., 1/9/12: Rolling snow around the yard to create a snowman. In this case, it’s a Snow Cat with a face made of leaves and a Snow Girl brought to life with chocolate-covered pretzel eyes, a chocolate-dipped popcorn mouth and a carrot nose. What I didn’t realize was how treacherous a mere one-inch’s worth of snow could be. Apparently, under the right conditions, you can actually get trapped in it! It wasn’t until I snapped a photo of Snow Cat that I realized this fact. A small voice called to me from across the yard, “Help me, Mommy!” Of course I rushed right over to help her… well, after I took the picture, that is….

Shall I state the obvious here? Judging from the lopsided subjects in these pictures, you may have noticed that my daughter and I are not professional builders of either houses or snow people.

PS: By the time we awoke, both Snow Cat and Snow Girl had been destroyed. 😦




Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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