New Year, New Post

So… since I haven’t actually posted anything in a while other than holiday greetings, I guess it’s about time I do so! Here are a few updates on recent happenings….

Kitty, the Black Cat1) Miss Pumpkin Cat is now officially a black cat — upon growing up through her kittenhood. She started life with dark brown fur and a single stripe of black down the center of her back (now I’m going to have “Miss Mary Mack” on my mind for the rest of the day… but anyway….). She is now nine months old and I can’t believe we’ve actually known her that long. We call her “Kitty” or “Cat”. Or, sometimes I call her by my daughter’s name. Oops. 🙂 Look at those glowing yellow eyes!

Sweet Potato's Scarecrow2) My daughter’s artwork was recently featured in the annual Children’s edition of our local newspaper. Congratulations, Sweet Potato! Sooooo proud of you.

3) Had a little minor car accident when I turned a corner too sharply one day, approaching the parking lot of my office building. (Whoops!) Got to experience life from the point of view of a red Hyundai Santa Fe for a couple of weeks. There were some things I liked about it… others I didn’t. In the end, I was glad to have my car back… despite the lack of XM Radio, which I had gotten used to listening to.

4) I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I am the co-leader of my daughter’s Daisy Troop. We meet every two weeks… and I’m responsible for planning every other meeting… which always involves me reading a story to them, discussing it with the girls, and figuring out some sort of story-related craft project (or what-have-you) for them to work on. I’m thinking I will add some sort of dancing activity into my next meeting plan… what do ya think? However, I’m also looking forward to helping the girls make valentines for senior citizens at our next meeting.

5) I actually got to enjoy a fairly long winter break! It was my first and final official vacation of 2011! Yea! If only I hadn’t been sick for half of it…. During the good half, I had fun holiday shopping, meeting up with my best friend for our annual gift exchange, working on sewing and craft projects (always), celebrating my birthday, Christmas and New Year’s, and spending time with my family.

Now on to equally as bright, if not brighter, days in 2012….

Happy New Year! 🙂




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