HOLIDAY CRAFT: Ribbon Angel Ornament

MAKE YOUR OWN: Ribbon Angel
Not into ribbons? Try making a lacy angel instead!

– Six 4” lengths of 3/4″- to 1”-wide wired metallic ribbon
– One 12” length of 3/4″- to 1”-wide wired coordinating metallic ribbon
– One approx. 1” diameter jeweled button with a shank
– One 3” length of pipe cleaner in a coordinating color
– 9” of thin metallic gold cord
– Hot glue


1/ Prepare your ribbons: Fold in both ends of each 4” length of ribbon by about 1/4” to 1/2″ to hide raw edges.

2/ Pair up your ribbons: Align three of the prepared ribbons in a row, with the raw edges to the back. Align the other three prepared ribbons in a row, with the raw edges facing you. Pair all of them up, wrong side to wrong side.

3/ Make your angel’s dress*: Gather the top of your ribbon pairs and scrunch them together tightly. Use hot glue to secure them.

4/ Make your angel’s wings: Work the 12” length of ribbon into a figure-eight pattern, with both loose ends meeting at the middle. Hot glue this to the back of your angel, meeting with the top scrunched edges.

5/ Attach your angel’s face: Hot glue the jeweled button to the front side, hiding the scrunched edges and where you’ve attached the wings.

6/ Make your angel’s halo: With the 3-inch length of pipe cleaner you set aside earlier, form a circle about 3/4-inch in diameter, wrapping the pipe cleaner around itself to create a halo. Hot glue it at one point to the back of the button, at the top of your angel’s head.

7/ Finishing touch: Fold your metallic cord in half and knot the loose ends together. Hot glue the looped end to the back of your angel, making sure it’s secure. This will be your hanger.

*NOTE: To help hide the glue you use for both the wings and your hanger, you can sandwich the wings and hanger between the strips of ribbon you’re using as your dress before you scrunch them together at the top. That will help minimize the amount of visible glue on the back of your angel.

Of course, you can be even more creative using many different materials, such as: miniature green garland for the halo, pretty ribbons, small flowers, etc.

Happy holidays!

(C) 2011.