HOLIDAY CRAFT: Lacy (or Not) Angel Ornament

MAKE YOUR OWN: Lacy Holiday Angel

Angel Made From Coffee FiltersWHAT YOU’LL NEED:
Two 6” white paper doilies (NOTE: You can also use paper coffee filters)
– One 12” gold chenille stem (a.k.a. “pipe cleaner”; NOTE: You can also use yarn)
– One cotton ball
– 9” of 1/4″-inch wide satin ribbon
– Scissors
– Glue


1/ Cut 3 inches off one end of the chenille stem. Set both pieces aside.

2/ Place the cotton ball in the center of one of the doilies; wrap and cinch the doily around the cotton ball to create a head and neck.

3/ Make a short hook at one end of the longer chenille stem and wrap it around the neck, twisting it tightly around the remaining longer end of the stem. Set your angel’s body aside.

5/ Grab the second doily and fold it in half to form a semi-circle.

6/ Looking down at the straight edge on top and the curved edge on the bottom, pinch the middle of your semi-circle together to form your angel’s wings.

7/ Now wrap the long end of the chenille stem that’s attached to your angel’s body to attach the wings, twisting the chenille stem tightly against itself to hold your angel together. Cut off any leftover length of the stem.

8/ Now… with the 3-inch length of chenille stem you set aside earlier, form a circle about 1 inch in diameter and wrap the stem around itself to lock it into place. This will create your angel’s halo.

9/ Glue the halo to the top of your angel’s head.

10/ Finishing touch: Fold your satin ribbon in half and knot the loose ends together. Tuck the unknotted end through the pipe cleaner at the neck of your angel’s body. Tuck the knotted end through the loop and pull it tight to form a hanger.

You can get creative using many different materials, such as: miniature green garland for the halo, shiny gold or silver paper doilies, and pretty ribbons, flowers or other ornaments.

Happy holidays!