Things I’ve Learned About My Cat

Pumpkin Cat, July 25, 2011Pumpkin is now six months old. In honor of her half-year birthday, here are six things I’ve noticed about her:

1/ Ahh, running water. Turn on the shower, Pumpkin is at your side in a flash to watch it sprinkle and shimmer down from the spout into the drain. Turn on the faucet at the sink, she’s up on the counter dipping her paws in. Then, “slurp”… she takes a few sips. Within a moment, she has shaken the water off her back and onto yours. Side note: If it’s raining outside, zoom! Pumpkin makes a mad dash attempt to escape the house through an open door. (<<Is her fascination with water due to the fact that when she was less than a month old, she was wandering on her own for a rain-filled week?)

2/ Darn these screen doors! A bird flies by. Within a second, Pumpkin has climbed her way to the top of the screen in a vain attempt to catch it. Good news: She can also climb down. Bad news: My screen door is getting ruined. Time for a manicure, Pumpkin.

3/ Woohoo, screen doors! You’re outside. She isn’t. She watches you coming toward the door. You tap the screen with your fingers. She climbs halfway up the door. You open it as she clings on, taking her for a little ride, swinging forward and back. Judging from the look on her face, she loves this!

4/ Ahh, the great outdoors. She likes to explore the garden, each plant… the patches of dirt… the weeds. She hides under the hydrangea bush and behind the boxwoods. She pops out now and then to catch a fresh breeze. Watch out for that tree! She’ll be up it in a second. Now, where did I put that leash?

5/ Hmm… kitten food. Pumpkin loves “Primavera”, hates “Florentine”. Too much chicken in one day, her plate of food gets a little turned-up nose. Where’s the beef? she asks.

6/ Hmm… human food. She still loves cupcakes, but is not fond of Cheez-Its. Spaghetti and meatballs? Bring them on. Don’t forget the garlic bread. Hamburgers and hot dogs, love ‘em. Just don’t try to give me any of that baked potato or lettuce you’ve got over there. (Please note, she only eats a bite or two of these items, once in a while, so please don’t fault me for letting her have a taste of this or that. The more she learns NOT to like people food, the less time she spends asking me to try it.)

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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