CRAFT: Halloween Treat Bags

Witch BagIn the mood to spin a little magic? Well, I am… plus, my daughter and I like to kick off our holidays early, especially when there is crafting to be done. So we spent part of the weekend creating some Halloween treat bags for the kids in her class. (PS: Don’t tell them! It’s a surprise….)

Here’s how we made them….



Acrylic Paint: Gray, White, Black, Purple, Orange
(NOTE: We didn’t have gray or orange, so we made our own. Gray = black + lots of white; Orange = red + lots of yellow)
Brown Paper Lunch Bags (Standard Size)
– Kitchen Sponges (Pack of 4)
– Sponge Brushes
– Scissors
– Hole Punch
– Marker
– Paper Plate
– Old Newspaper
– 6″x6″ Square of White Fabric… or a napkin or tissue
– Garbage bag ties, or 9″ string of yard or ribbon (one per lollipop)
Halloween Bag Concept– Design Scheme: Black witch’s hat on gray background with a yellow star; White ghost on a black background; Orange jack-o-lantern on a purplish-black background.


Once you’ve got all of your supplies ready…

1/ Lay out the newspaper to protect whatever surface you’ll be working on from the paint.

2/ Separate your sponges and begin drawing Halloween images on three of them according to the design scheme. Make sure to draw them the same size you want them to be on your bag. KEEP ONE of the four sponges uncut to use for your background.

3/ Cut out your Halloween designs from your sponges.

4/ Lay out some of your brown paper bags to use for your first design. The folded side of the bag should be facing away from you. (The “right side” of the bag should be up, facing you.)

5/ Start painting. To make the witch’s hat bag, squeeze out some gray paint onto your paper plate. Using one of your sponge brushes, paint one entire flat side of your uncut sponge gray.

6/ Sponge paint your background. Starting with the background for your witch’s hat bag, press your gray-painted sponge onto the bag at the bottom, then again one sponge-width up. (You’ll notice that the length of the sponge is almost the same size as the width of your paper bags.) As you move from bag to bag, keep re-painting your sponge gray as needed to create a background on ALL of the bags on which you want to use the witch hat design. Feel free to blot in any gaps on the paper that your sponge didn’t quite cover the first time. Set these bags aside to dry.

Continue painting backgrounds* for the other design schemes on your other bags. Use black first and complete the set of bags for the ghost’s background. Then add dabs of purple to your black paint to complete the set of bags for the pumpkin’s background.

7/ Paint your spooky images. Once your backgrounds are all dry, you can add the actual designs to your bags. Start by dipping your sponge brush* into black paint to cover the sponge that’s shaped like a witch’s hat. Press the hat sponge onto each bag that has a gray background. Set them aside to dry.

Ghost BagNow paint your ghost-shaped sponges white, and press them onto the bags that have your solid black ghost background. When you’re done, set them aside to dry.

Finally, paint your pumpkin-shaped sponges orange and press them onto the bags with your purplish-black background. Set them aside to dry.

8/ Add the final touches. Dip your sponge brush* into yellow paint to paint your star-shaped sponge. Press the star onto the witch’s hat on your bag. Set aside to dry.

For the ghost, use the circular end of your sponge brush to add eyes. Just dip the end into your paint and dab them onto your ghost’s face.

JackO'Lantern BagFor the pumpkin, use black paint to cover the sponge pieces shaped like the pumpkin’s mouth and eyes. Press them onto the pumpkin’s face on your bag. Set aside to dry.

9/ Filling the bags. After all of your paint has completely dried, you can fill your bags with whatever treats you like. We filled ours with pretzels, Halloween-shaped fruit snacks, and kettle corn.

Goofy Ghost10/ Ghosting the lollipops. Wrap the square of white fabric/tissue/napkin around your lollipop and cinch it around the “neck” of the stick with your garbage bag tie, yarn or ribbon. Draw a scary face on each lollipop.

11/ SeaA peek inside the bag.ling the bags.** Once filled, fold the top of the bag down (toward the back, away from you) about one inch, then fold it down again another inch. Use a hole punch to create four small holes through the middle of your folds. Weave the end of your lollipop stick through the holes… and you’re done! (PS: I particularly like that this brand of lollipop says “CHARMS” on it! :-))

3 Be-Ghosted BagsNow all you have to do is wait for someone to say “trick or treat!”

*Be sure to wash your brush between paint colors.

** If it turns out that your holes are too big and your lollipop stick falls out, never fear. You can weave a long black or orange (or other color of your choosing) ribbon through the holes instead, and tie the lollipop onto the bag. Also, if you don’t have a hole punch to create the holes. Just use your scissors to cut four slits on the bag. (<<I had to do this because I couldn’t find my hole punch.)


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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