Craft: Pompom Owls for Graduation

Two Owls, ChattingMAKE YOUR OWN: Graduation Owl

My daughter and I made these over the weekend for her entire graduating kindergarten class (there are only seven girls in her class, so it didn’t take us too long). We had gone out to the stores looking for a kit to make such a thing, but couldn’t find one anywhere… so we improvised and made our own.

– One 2” pompom
– One 3” pompom
– Felt scraps:
— yellow (feet & eyes)
— orange (beak)
— color that coordinates with the pompoms (wings)
— coordinating school color (mortar board)
– 3/8” wiggly eyes
– Gold/yellow yarn
– Glue gun and hot glue


1/ Prepare all of your felt pieces.
– EYES: Cut two 1/2-inch yellow circles
– FEET: Cut one yellow semicircle, approximately 2” in diameter; make the straight-edge zigzagged
– BEAK: Cut one orange triangle, approximately 1/4″ across the widest side
– WINGS: Cut two shield-like shapes, approximately 2” long; the top will be a straight edge, the bottom will be a point
– MORTAR BOARD: Cut a strip of your school’s color, approximately 1/4” wide by 2-1/2” long; then cut a 1”x1” square of the same color

2/ Glue the large pompom onto the yellow feet.

3/ Stack the two pompoms and glue them together. Note: The smaller one is your owl’s head; the bigger one is his body.

4/ Glue each of your owl’s wiggly eyes centered on a yellow felt circle. Glue them onto your owl’s head, halfway down the face.

5/ Glue the triangle beak, pointing downward, just below the owl’s eyes.

6/ Glue the wings to each side of the owl’s body, lining up (and attempting to hide) the straight upper edge of the wing between the pompoms, at the “neck”. A little spot of additional glue may be needed to make this area look neater. Put a dot of glue toward the pointy end to hold the wing against the body.

7/ To make the mortar board, form a circle with the long strip, securing the ends together with glue. Then glue the circle to the square of felt.

8/ Glue the mortarboard to the top of the owl’s head.

9/ Cut a 2- to 2-1/2” length of yarn. Knot both ends. Glue one end to the middle of the mortar board.

Congratulations to all graduates, whooooever you are!  



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