SEWING PROJECT: A Snugly Spot for Your Dog

MAKE YOUR OWN: Sumptuously Soft Dog Pillow
Don’t have a dog? Make a cat cozy instead.

One 24”x30” piece of faux wool or fur
One 24”x30” piece of coordinating fleece fabric
Fiberfill stuffing
Needle & thread
Simple sewing skills


1) Place both fabric pieces, right sides together, matching corners.

2) Using a 1/2-inch seam allowance, begin sewing toward a corner, starting about 4” away from it.

3) Using your sewing machine*, sew all around the perimeter until you are about 4 inches away from your starting point. Stop there.

4) Turn your dog pillow inside-out so the right sides are showing. Poke the corners out into neat edges.

5) Stuff your pillow, making it as firm or as soft as your dog likes it. The effect you want, however, is a flat pillow; remember, you’re not making a plump throw pillow for your couch.

6) Once it’s stuffed to your dog’s liking, you can either machine or hand-stitch the opening closed. Ta-da! That’s it.

Happy snoozing, doggie!

*If you don’t have a sewing machine (or if you just don’t want to haul it out of the closet for this project), you can sew your dog pillow by hand. If you choose to do it this way, remember to keep wrong sides of the fabric together at all times; you won’t need to turn the fabric inside-out as you would if you were using a machine. Instead, use a blanket stitch along the outside edges to seal them shut.

(C) 2011.





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