CRAFT: Simple Gift for a Furry Feline

Kitty - May 2012MAKE YOUR OWN: Braided Cat Toy
Don’t have a cat? Make a dog toy instead.

Six 1”x45” strips of fabric
– One 2”x22” strip of fabric


1/ Gather the ends of all six strips of 1”x45” fabric together in your hand. Tie a simple knot to keep them together, leaving about 8 inches of fabric “shaggy” at the end.

2/ Divide the longer side of the six strips into three sets of two. This will create the “strands” of fabric you will braid.

3/ Braid the fabric as you would braid hair. Just make sure the pretty side of the fabric (in sewing, this is called the “right side”) is always showing.

4/ Continue to braid until you have about 12 inches of braided fabric, with 12 inches left of unbraided fabric.

5/ Tie a knot to secure the loose end of the braid.

6/ Trim the ends of the fabric to even them out so that they are all the same length. Make sure they are also the same length as the “shaggy” strands of fabric on the opposite end of the toy, where you first started.

7/ Loop the braided section so that both “shaggy” ends meet at the knots. This will become a handle.

8/ Tie the remaining 2”x22” strip of fabric firmly around the braided loop, just above the knots. Knot this strip and tie a bow.

Happy playtime!

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