A new kitty in the house.

If it was solely up to me, her name would be Godiva Pumpkin Truffle, in reference to her chocolaty brown coat with even darker brownish-black stripes running the length of her back. So, that’s how I will continue to refer to her. However, her official name also has “Sweetie” and “Candy” and “Little Thing” thrown in. So… I suppose she’ll grow up answering to just about anything, like the rest of us.

A week ago, Pumpkin was found by the side of a four-lane highway, sitting on a white line, watching traffic go by. A few days later, on a walk across the street to our neighborhood vet, she became quite nervous in my arms when cars were speeding our way. I can only imagine how terrified this little five-week-old kitten had been when she was sitting all alone in a weakened, malnourished state just a matter of days ago.

Although I was not her initial rescuer, I am thrilled to know that someone took the time to see her, stop their car, get out, and gather her up. And I am happy to report that Pumpkin has, so far, received an excellent bill of good health from her doctor.

P.S. She loves toes. Watch out!

P.P.S. She’s also quite enchanting.

Note: Please support your local animal shelter. Thanks!

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  1. Awwww, she’s so cute! 🙂 I wish I could adopt her.


    1. Cath says:

      Thanks… and FOHA.org has lots of kittens if you really want one! 🙂


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