Things you can find in a forest…

Mood music.

Wandering and wondering,
I found a path to follow
among the woods
of Starcrost Hollow,

When along came a woodsman
of particular note,
for he ever so gentlemanly
loaned me his coat.

It was lined with silk
with stitches worn bare.
The wind blew straight through
yet I did not care.

For this man was so handsome,
so kind and so curious,
it made no matter
the coat wasn’t luxurious.

Our path became tricky
with branches laid upon it
as this woodsman beside me
spoke like a sonnet.

“Fair maiden,” he began
in his grand courtly way,
“Why are you walking
alone this chill day?”

His candor surprised me
and I stood aghast.
“Such a question, good sir,
should never be asked.”

“I meant no offense,
my dear lady,” he noted.
He paused for a moment,
then duly quoted,

“She walks in beauty,
like the night….”
The further he spoke,
the more I took fright.

When he’d finished his verses,
I blushed in his arms.
How could I resist
such magnificent charms?

He returned with a smile
that sparkled so brightly,
I thought I might venture
to take my walks nightly.

We continued to walk
’til the path divided.
We looked both ways,
and then we decided…

What fools we would be
to take the wrong road
when it was clear I belonged
at his humble abode.

So we walked on quite further
to the top of a hill,
where he snuggled me into
his old coat, quite chilled.

“Here, my dear lady,
is where you should be.
For this is my home…
you belong here with me.”

I gasped at the vision
before me, surprised.
For his home was a castle.
Out of the hill it did rise.

I blushed once again
as he took me by hand.
From then on we wandered together,
by his royal command.

(c) 2002.

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